Work: not a safe space

Well, the plan was to lift weights with J today. Alas, he realized too late that he had left his gym shorts at home in the washer, so I lifted weights alone.

My favorite part of my T/Th gym is the stretching. There is this amazing hamstring/glutes stretch that I learned that uses a yoga strap and it stretches everything out nicely and I always feel taller afterward. It’s so great to feel the blood flowing again in muscles that were tight! My flexibility’s improving a lot too. Progress!


Lately I’ve been struggling with pervasive food judgment and weight loss and diet talk at work. I enjoy spending social lunches with my coworkers, but lately it’s really gotten out of control– the discussion centers around how "good" or "bad" foods are, portion size judgments, and peoples’ "weight loss secrets".

Interestingly, my coworkers that are saying these things are men (of "normal" body size, too). I always thought that they were less likely to engage in fat shaming and diet talk but the last couple months they’ve really been ramping it up.

I’m supposed to go eat lunch with a small group of people this afternoon. I’m storing up the courage to ask them (nicely) if we could avoid diet talk at lunch for once, that it would make me very happy to talk about something else instead. If that fails, I’m going to just start eating lunch alone. It’s gotten truly ridiculous.

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