Moving goalposts

Day 2 of my (3,4,4) week so I grudgingly did the 4 miles. It’s (as the kids say) hot as balls outside so I went to the gym and treadmilled it. It was really a rough go… had to go very slowly and take a couple breaks. (Why is mile 2 always such a butt?) I know the only way to get better is to push myself, but I’m a little worried that I’m overdoing it. We’ll see how I feel on Friday… if my legs recover well I’ll go ahead with the long run but if not I may walk some (just to get the mileage on my thingumbobber).

The training thingum on Nike+ is really neat but I don’t know how it handles it if I miss a scheduled run or shorten it or do it a day late or something? I get the feeling I may find out soon enough. ;)

Let me take you back to little over a year ago. I had just started the c25k program, and I ran 5 minutes for the first time! I was so excited! I called my mom to tell her. That’s how proud I was.

As I progressed, I hit more milestones. 10 minutes. A mile. 2 miles… 3… 4… (I’m putting more dots there because I hope the numbers will get bigger…)

Sometimes it’s hard to approach running with a "beginner’s mind" again and feel the same sense of accomplishment.

It makes a solid reality check, though, to think back to those first milestones. If I struggle through a 4-miler (like today) I can think, "Hey, remember when I first ran for 5 minutes? Look how far I’ve come!"

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