Jiggly bits

My last run this week, another 4 miles, is done. Still nasty hot, still treadmilling– and thankful I have a treadmill to use because I could not run outside in this weather! Just say no to heatstroke! I took it easy on this one, ran nice and slow and didn’t have to walk much– 3 short (0.1 mile) walking breaks. Getting better, but the second mile still sucks. Why is it so hard?

Mostly I’m just glad to be done with this week of running. My legs could definitely use a break. I’ve never run this much– not even close– and they’re still adjusting. Next week is 3,4,5. 5! I am afraid.

I’ve never been fond of my jiggly bits. Some of them are more problematic while running than others (ahem, boobs) but they all jiggle. My butt and hips and FUPA jiggle something fierce when I run, but I’m only really conscious of it for the first minute or so, then my awareness of it fades away. At some point, I’ve got better things to worry about than a bouncy butt.

Some might say it’s not aesthetically pleasing for people who look at me, but whatever. I don’t run for their viewing pleasure. They can deal.

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1 Response to Jiggly bits

  1. Tori says:

    They can deal.

    Yup. If people don’t enjoy watching me run, well, no one is forcing them to look.

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