Magic water

Another 4 miles today. This one was oddly easy? I have no idea why my exertion changes so much from day to day, but this run was super easy compared to the one on Monday (which was only 3 miles). I didn’t sweat tons, I didn’t breathe too hard, I didn’t get really tired. (My left foot did fall asleep in the second mile, though, which was annoying. I fixed my shoe and it slowly went away.) Maybe it’s a fluke, or maybe I’m getting better? Either way, I’ve still got to rest up for Friday. I’m expecting that 5 mile run to take over an hour, and my legs aren’t getting any fresher.

One of the bosses here, who I see in the gym occasionally, decided to tell me this morning how it was "really showing" and asked me if my secret was "drinking lots of water" since I was filling up my water bottle at the drinking fountain. I just sort of blinked at him, chuckled and said, "No, my ‘secret’ is spending way too much time in the gym."

First, I’d appreciate less body judgment from random people. Second, I’m not trying to lose weight, but it is happening (in a small amount) as a result of my doing lots of activity I enjoy. Third, why’s there gotta be a ‘secret’? There is no secret! It’s not magic! For goodness’ sake. Diets don’t work and there is this culture of magical thinking, if I drink water or do this diet or take that magic pill I’ll get a societally acceptable body. No thanks, I’ll just be over here not depriving myself and doing enjoyable activity and my body may or may not change and that is okay with me.

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