Exceeds expectations

All week I’ve been dreading the 5 mile run scheduled for today, like a rock in my stomach.  I’ve never run so far before, and I only hit 4 miles a short while ago so I was reluctant to push farther so soon.

Plus, increasing my mileage is taking a toll on my legs.  They were still sore today.  When I started my run there was pain and I didn’t have a very good start– basically I would run until it hurt a lot and then I walked.  I had to do this for the first mile and a half.  But after that my legs finally loosened up and I could run normally.

It took me a bit over an hour all told (1:06 I think).  Unfortunately, just as I was hitting my last groove to get to the end the treadmill stopped.  It only goes for an hour!  So I had to stand there and mash the stop button to get it to clear and turn it back on.

So, now I know I can do it.  It wasn’t fun, but I didn’t die so that exceeds my expectations going in!

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