Rolling recovery

Hooboy! Despite a rather hectic day I found an hour in the middle to lift weights with J. It was probably a good thing I did too! I always feel more focused and productive when I’ve had a workout and burned off some fidgets. I raised the weight on the overhead press (I exulted about that in last Tuesday’s post) and it kicked my butt again. (How Sisyphean.) Foam roller, stretch, and back to work!

Since I started with this workout schedule it has become very important to make sure I get enough rest. My body needs time to recover, and sleep is pretty awesome for that. (I aim for 8 hours a night, but that usually doesn’t happen, more like 6…) I’m sleeping with my lower legs propped up on pillows nearly every night, and it seems to help a lot. We’ll see how things progress as I add miles and remove recovery days (next week I’m supposed to run on Sunday, only 2 miles but the 2-day block of recovery on weekends has been really useful!) My legs seem to be adjusting okay so far, but I’m afraid of an overuse injury taking me out of commission.

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