All The Things

Second 5 mile run is in the bag!  This one went much better than the last– I ran the first 3.1 miles (5k on the brain), took a short walking break, then ran the rest.  Still treadmilling due to disgusting weather, and when I got to the gym the cable was out and the TVs were blank.  Nooooo!  The prospect of an hour without any moving pictures to look at was horrifying.  Luckily it came back on after a couple minutes and I got my fill of stock-market-gambling shows on CNBC.

Every time I do these long runs I get new blisters.  I’ve got blisters under blisters under peeled blisters.  I would’ve thought I’ve run out of skin to blister but it seems like there’s always another layer under there.  My poor big toe.

Running in the late afternoon means that, after I finish, it’s dinner time and I want to eat ALL THE THINGS.  Which is fine; I obviously just expended a lot of energy. (ipod tells me how much– can’t seem to get away from those numbers!)  But I want to eat all the things, NOW.  And in my fridge I have green stuff that needs cooking and tofu and one egg.  I will figure something out…

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