Backing off

Tuesday/Thursday updates are never very exciting to write! Lifted weights with J, stretched, the usual.

But I do have a small thing to note: I am taking a break from running until next week. I’m not a fan of hobbling around, so I’m going to let this plantar fasciitis heal and see where I’m at next week. It’s a sneaky sort of injury; starts as only a twinge but soon enough you’re wincing every time you get up. I might need to adjust my shoes or try an orthotic insert to support my arch, but if I run more before the inflammation goes down it’s probably not going to get better.

It appears that a major factor in PF is increasing mileage too quickly– 10% per week is recommended. I went from around 8 miles/week to around 12, which is 50%… yeah, I suppose that would do it. It’s also important to give your arches support with a PF flareup so you’re supposed to wear comfy shoes– nope, been rockin the flip-flops. Lessons learned.

I’m kind of bummed because I’ve been keeping up with my training program so well! I guess I can elliptical in the meanwhile? Yep, looking forward to that…

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