The Way Out Is Through

Thursday is lifting day! It was not a great lifting day. I wound up wobbly and shaky by the end (and then in the locker room trying to put on mascara and eyeliner, that was a fun time!) It’s got to be something to do with eating and blood sugar– I eat breakfast at around 6am (a banana/strawberry smoothie with protein powder, everyday– I am a creature of habit) and it doesn’t seem to be sticking by 9:30. Lifting burns energy differently than running, somehow. I want to figure out how that works.

Afterward it was time to stretch. I did my usual stretches, and then started thinking about my friend pigeon pose. It kicks my butt. But you know, I’ve conquered other things that kick my butt. And how? By doing them until I got good at them. So I got a mat and a yoga block and started into table, then downward dog, then pigeon, just like in class. I’m going to work at this. And doing it like this, I got to focus on me, not the class or the instructor. Just me and my hip flexors.

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2 Responses to The Way Out Is Through

  1. Tori says:

    Have you tried firelog pose or thread the needle pose? (I can link you if you want.) They’re the same basic hip position, but the relationship to gravity is changed relative to pigeon, meaning that the intensity might be tempered as well.

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