Different kind of strength

Had a proper yoga class this afternoon, with a sprinkle of yoga woo. (I’m not a fan of the yoga woo, but so it goes.) Included were a couple of interesting poses (half-moon is kind of cool!) and it was still pretty hard. There was only a sparse turnout so I got a bit more feedback, which was nice.

Long-time readers may note that I am getting pretty involved in this yoga thing. I don’t think it’ll replace running (which I still sorely miss, get it, ‘sorely’) but it fills an important niche for me. A good stretch is important (and before I was getting hardly any; a shame) but even more, I’m becoming more aware of my body and thinking not solely in terms of the big muscles and what they do but also understanding that there are many small muscles supporting me and those are important too. It’s for good reason that the next day I’m sore in muscles I never knew I had!

Speaking of muscles, I also lifted on Thursday and forgot to write about it. (It was that kind of day…) That’s totally different. The machines are meant to isolate certain muscles, the big ones, and make them stronger by making it hard for them to do their thing. But it’s still useful. I find a funny thing happens sometimes: when I do a tough lift, or I start to get tired, other muscles engage and ‘help’– and not even ones nearby, like my abs or my back muscles, those little ones. It’s curious!

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