Triumphant Return

Okay… not really so triumphant, but it is a return!  Last week I was sick, so I’ve been away from the gym and exercising in general.  But today I went back… I’m afraid I’ve fallen out of the habit so there was a little self-dragging involved.

My foot is still not 100% better, but I gave running a mile a try (it was a good, fast mile, at least?) and then did a 1/2 hour slog on the elliptical.  My lungs were also not 100% after being sick; there was a bit of struggling to breathe– not very fun.  And then I did a wee yoga and some stretchythings.  Overall, not a bad first day back.

Remember how I gave up the scale for August?  Well, it’s September now and I was both fascinated and horrified by the idea of weighing myself again.  I haven’t run hardly at all, and I was certain the number was going to be different (despite my clothes still fitting mostly the same!)  I finally dragged it out of the closet, stepped on, nothing’s changed.  Surprise.  (Maybe I’ll just weigh myself once a month from now on, that sounds reasonable.)  Anyway, all of this is evidence that my body does, in fact, know what it’s doing.  If I exercise less, it tells me to eat less and things tend even out.

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