Gettin it in

I missed my Monday scheduled run (I believe the rationale went something like… I’m hungry and tired and forget this I’m eating Wheat Thins and playing video games) but I squeezed one in on the boring treadmill today.  3.2mi of my left ankle/lower shin hurting.  It’s ironic: Damn Foot isn’t complaining but Damn… Other Ankle? is giving me a hard time.  It might be time for new shoes again.  Tell me I should bite the bullet and go in and get fitted at a proper running store?

Or maybe I just need to stretch better?  My left calf has been so tight.

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3 Responses to Gettin it in

  1. Tori says:

    You should bite the bullet and go in and get fitted at a proper running store. I’m not saying don’t do the stretches, but do go in for a fitting. A good running store will check the fit and wear pattern on your current shoes as well as do a quick gait analysis so that they can find the shoes that will work best for your feet and your stride.

    • G says:

      I know. I’m going to have to take a friend along for moral support, I think, because running stores are massively intimidating to me– since in my brain I’m not a “real runner” and they’re going to be all judgey and I’ll hate it?

      I went with another friend who wanted to start c25k and she got fitted and they put her on the treadmill at 6mph and I would die trying to run 6mph for any length of time (have I mentioned I am slow?) I mean, I could always tell them “Hey jerk try 5mph” but that would require speaking up and outing myself as not a “real runner”. Hi, insecurities!

      Plus… didn’t you mention on your blog that you went in, and they fitted you and then tried to give you the wrong shoe anyway? Cause it was pretty but stabilizing and you didn’t need that?

      • Tori says:

        I did mention that, yes — though the store that did the full gait analysis is the one that committed to fitting me correctly. Also, all of the stores were upfront in telling me the kind of shoe my foot required (according to my wear pattern), even though not all of them pointed me to shoes based on that. (Which, yes, makes it a little WTF. But it was pretty easy to call them on their HAY DIDN’T U SAY I NEED THIS OTHER KIND OF SHOE bullshit.)

        I’m not sure about the treadmill since the place where I got my gait analysis observed me running on the ground (which meant I got to set my own pace). Also, the total elapsed time of my gait analysis was probably about 20 seconds — 10 down and 10 back. They just needed enough to see what my stride looks like. That said, a good store should let you set your own speed on the treadmill on account of you know best what your habitual running looks like. Any store that does not agree with that is snobby to the point of not deserving of your shoe monies.

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