Cause and effect

Went to lift weights with J this morning for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. I have to stop taking these long breaks… I won’t make any progress if I slack off! Got my 15 reps in at normal weight on most of the machines, except for the shoulder press and the… inner/outer thigh machine (does that one have a proper name?) Those two I had to cut reps/weight on. I did some good stretches for my poor battered legs and called it a workout.

I’ve been wanting to write more about my experiences with seeing my extended family last weekend. These folks only see me once a year or so (only at funerals, it seems) so the change in my body was quite dramatic to them. There was plenty of “Oh you look so good, how did you do it?” And they mean well, this is a group of people who’ve been chasing thinness for years and years (with limited success) so they’re looking for a magical solution.

I had a good talk with my mom about it. She said, “You’ve lost weight, you’re healthier and you must feel better now.” So I turned it around: “No, I started doing activity I liked and felt a lot better, and wound up losing weight.” It’s kind of frustrating; I gave her a copy of Health At Every Size and she skimmed it looking for weight-loss tips. I’d be thrilled if she learned that a daily walk gave her more energy and strength. But using weight loss and body-hatred as a lever to change your life is bound to backfire when your body doesn’t go along with the idea the way you think it ought to.

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