This IS my happy face.

Since it’s Thursday, I went with J and lifted. Some days are harder than others; today was a really hard day. I fought and cheated and barely made my reps. But that’s how you get stronger, I guess. My period just started, and some weird conflagration of cramps meant I cringed every time I sat on the seats of the machines. Also, I don’t know if my pants had a hole in or if I had stuff on my face or what but everyone kept looking at me. There were random dudes milling around talking bout how they were going to re-configure the gym and they were up in my biz, too. I had the Eternal Bitchface on in response. And someone was doing a dance routine in the big room. Just a weird day at the gym, overall.

Right now I’m reading Born To Run on the recommendation of a tumblr friend. It’s interesting enough, if maybe not entirely plausible? I am a little turned off by the exotic, perfect Tarahumara, the over-the-top characterization, and the fact that apparently every female ultra runner can be described as a “pixie”. But it does make me want to try barefoot running… Ironically, I am considering a pair of Vibrams (my friend likes his a lot)… but the idea of dropping $100 to run “barefoot” kind of makes me laugh.

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2 Responses to This IS my happy face.

  1. Tori says:

    For whatever it’s worth, even without wanting to run “barefoot” (and I had no inclinations toward minimalist running before I tried the shoes), I like my FiveFingers a lot just as running shoes, too. As someone who’s had a lot of uncomfortable experiences with shoes trying to make my feet into things they are not, it’s kind of awesome to have shoes that just let my feet be feet.

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