Making progress

Friday yoga class! Light turnout today meant lots of correction from the instructor. Pigeon was on the list for today, and I dutifully slid a block under my bum and she came over and asked me, “Why do you have that there?” I replied, “‘Cause that’s as far as I go?” And she asked me to do it without the block– she said “Well, you’re never going to go farther if you use the block every time”– and I did and it wasn’t too bad. My pigeon practice is paying off! There was a long series today that was quad-burningly hard– some thing through warrior 1 to warrior 3, i think– and by the time we got to the balancing part of warrior 3 my leg was too tired to balance long. I have this idea that I am very strong, and I am, but yoga always manages to show me that it’s about more than moving weight with my muscles.

Yesterday I went for a run after dark, which was glorious as always– the weather was clear and cool and it was super refreshing, I just relaxed through it. It was about 2.5 miles, and I ran the last half mile home barefoot. It felt amazing. The pavement was cold against my feet and the footfalls felt like a tiny massage. I was a little tired though and I think my form was bad; it felt like I was heel striking a bit, and sure enough after I cooled down the outside of my left heel was a tiny bit twingey when I stepped. It feels better today, so I’ll just have to watch out for that in the future.

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