Top form

Hit the gym after work and got a solid 3 miles in on the treadmill. It might just be that my legs are Monday fresh, but it was a good workout and I was pretty fast (for me, anyway). I really focused on my form as I ran, making my strides mostly forefoot strike. It was odd but I really feel like it’s easier on my legs– we’ll see if I’m stiff tomorrow. Forefoot striking means I’m taking mostly small, quick, glidey steps. It’s okay, it works but it took a lot of concentration to keep it up!

I bit the bullet and started trying on Vibram Five Fingers. I went to REI and they had last year’s model on sale, but the size I tried on was just a bit too short. (I find that the sprints, with the strap over the top of the foot rather than the sock-part, fit my flipper feet okay.) Luckily, they were also on sale on Amazon so I ordered a size up to try my luck.

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  1. Tori says:

    Yeah, I end up feeling like a forefoot strike is easier on the bones and joints in my body but maybe harder on some of the muscle (at this point, mostly in my calves) — but that may be because I’m still transitioning into it. The concentration part, for me, has gotten easier and more natural with time.

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