Making progress… maybe?

There are lots of reasons why my run today was kind of crappy.  My legs are still getting used to the Vibrams (I was hobbled for days after my last run*… I decided today that they felt better enough, but they were still sore.)  I am dehydrated (too many fancy drinks last night, not nearly enough water today.)  I gave blood yesterday so I am short red blood cells to carry my oxygens.  It’s wet and miserable outside.

No matter the cause, it was kind of a crappy run; 2 miles worth.  I turned around early because no matter how much I wanted a good, strenuous workout (I really really did) it’s not worth tearing my calves up over.  I like being able to walk without wincing.

* So the Vibrams come with a big ol’ disclaimer: This is different.  Start wearing them gradually.  Nah, I’ll run 3 miles! next day OMG PAIN

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