Functional eating

(TW for some diet/body talk.)

The weather is nasty out, so I took my workout inside this morning and hit the gym. I brought my Vibrams and planned to use them on the treadmill, but after a start-stop mile I decided my feet weren’t feeling so great (top of foot pain? what?*) and hopped on the elliptical for a half hour instead. Not exciting, but effective.

Afterwards, after I started intensely craving lunch, I wondered: How do people exercise intensely and restrict their diets at the same time? I can’t even imagine. I’d be ravenous. A typical workout I might burn, say, 400-800 calories and I’m sure I make most of that up through eating a bit more. (Though probably not 100%, since I keep having to buy new clothes.) If I was working out like I do, and eating only 1200 calories/day on top of that, I wouldn’t be able to function!

* Hey, I guess this top-of-foot pain is typical: “The typical runner making the switch will usually complain of sore and tight calves after the initial barefoot runs. This is because the calf muscles are now being tightened and flexed. After that initial shock is gone and the calves begin to adapt, the same runners typically complain of pains in the tops of their feet. These pains are usually coming from two muscles and/or three tendons that run the length of the top of the foot, one of which actually starts along the tibia.” (from That sounds about right!

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