Wild thing!

Yay! Friday is yoga class day and I could go this time! My coworker, who’s way more experienced with yoga than me (she’s certified as an instructor) was curious about the class too so she came along, which was fun. At the end of it, she said “Wow, the instructor does some really hard variations of things!” I’ve come to the conclusion that the teacher of this class is certain we all don’t work out enough and so she puts a lot of strength poses in. So yes, we sweat quite a bit and frequently have burning quads and arms and abs!

Lots of the combinations of poses get done on one side and then the other. I’ve noticed that the second one is usually lots easier. More than likely it’s two things: 1) The first side requires more explanation so it’s slower and we’re holding the pose for longer, tiring out muscles; 2) By the time we get to the second one I’ve figured out what makes the pose so hard, and adjusted to make it easier so I can actually do it. :) (Shorter stance in Warrior 1? Yes please! That way I have quad left to push off for Warrior 3!)

One thing that I like about this instructor is she always includes one unusual, fun thing for us to learn and try out. Today that was going from downward dog to one-legged dog, and flipping over into something she called “Wild thing”? We were all laughing by the end of it!

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2 Responses to Wild thing!

  1. Tori says:

    <3 down dog to wild thing! I also love when an instructor gives me enough time to go from wild thing to upward facing bow and back again. It takes me a while because my sense of body (right/left, how I can move, etc.) is way different upside down.

    • G says:

      It was so fun! I want to try it again at home sometime. We didn’t spend much time in the backbend part of it, just kind of got into the pose (it was the last thing in the class before shavasana so it was a little rushed) but it was something new to learn.

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