I love fall!

I took advantage of the lovely weather to sneak out for a run today.  I had a really good run too– 3 miles along the trail loop; it was the fastest I’ve run it in a while (since my plantar fasciitis-forced break).  It feels good to be used to running again.  Plus, in the middle of the day there’s no one around, which is nice.

The weather has just been so gorgeous lately!  On Saturday my friend and I went up into the mountains to go hiking and see the fall colors. It was really fun (even if it was awfully crowded around the “sights” in the park).

Some of the trail was challenging; it was steep and very rocky.  I was mostly fine, but my friend was having a rough go in places (he’s been stuck behind a desk, working too much).  I let him lead and we were ok.

Despite all the exercise I do, I still don’t think of myself as “in good shape”.  This gets me into trouble when I forget that sometimes I need to slow down for other people.  (It doesn’t help that my friend is stubborn and won’t speak up when he’s tired!)

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