For the fun of it

Weight-lifting this morning! It went well, I increased the weight on a couple machines finally… both on purpose and accidentally. (So that’s why the tricep machine was so hard!) I was looking forward to a good stretch afterward but there was some random
building-maintenance guy poking around the room where I stretch so I wasn’t really inclined to get up into table or down dog. I hate that! If it’s one of my fellow gym-goers in the room that’s fine– we’re all there to do the same thing– but some random guy in street clothes ogling my butt: not a fan.

I’m helping out with a charity fair at work, so I was walking around talking to some of the organizations that sent reps to the fair. One of them appeared to be a group dedicated to helping kids in the city be involved in physical activity– cool! No, it was to “battle childhood obesity”. I didn’t have it in me to ask questions or get in an argument, so I just listened to the rest of his pitch, thanked him and moved on. Activity is fun! Why’s it got to be focused on changing kids’ bodies?

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