Green means go

I’ve been itching for a week to get out for a run and I finally managed to do it today.  (Between crazy hours at work and a tender foot that I needed to let heal, it felt like forever!)  I had an excellent, fast run on my 3 mile trail loop today, and I finished just as it got dark.  The days are getting so short!  I’ve been avoiding the treadmill for a while since there’s fantastic fall weather, but I doubt that will last for much longer as it gets colder and darker… Even today, the cold shocked my lungs a bit.

I also turned over 155 miles on my Nike+ thingumbob, so now the website is green.  I like green. :)  I have… 465 miles to go to reach blue… it might be a while.

Lately I’ve been having a disconnect with how I feel I look, and how pictures say I look.  From inside my body, I feel like a fat and fit woman with curves in pleasing places.  In pictures I often look sort of lumpy and strange.  I know it doesn’t matter, but even when I look in the mirror I’m like ‘oh! my body is ok’ and then pictures are awful.  I can’t explain the difference…

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