What a feeling

I don’t usually run on Sundays, but I missed my Friday run and I had time to hit the trail for a bit this afternoon.  4.5mi according to the thingum; I went the other way where the trail split and explored some new territory.  However, the change in route meant half a mile of hill climb at the end of my run!  I am seriously bad at hills; I’m never sure if I should lean into them and push hard or shorten my stride a little and go up slowly.  (With the long climb I just took it easy.)  It’s also that lovely time of year where my nose tickles and runs for 2 hours after running outside.  Leaves!  I shake my fist at you!

Well, here’s another reason to keep running: the fantastic feeling after I finish a run.  I am relaxed and full of endorphins and everything is okay for a while.  I might have just kicked the crap out of my body but damn, it feels good!

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