Seeking perfection… okay not really.

Another fun lifting session with J today! I should put “fun” in quotes? Okay, it is sort of fun, but it’s more fun when it’s done. Sometimes I find myself cheating a bit to make my reps; for example, on the fly machine, I wind up bending my arms rather than moving the weights with my pecs; or on the shoulder raise, I’ll not get my elbows to 90 degrees. I wonder if it might be better to reduce the weight and make the movement more correct? Or just do fewer reps? (15 is a lot!)

Of course, the best part was stretching afterwards– I spent a good 20 minutes stretching out the back of my legs and my feet; that whole glute-hamstring-calf-achilles-plantar fascia complex gets really tight. Now if only I could keep these muscles long– they re-tighten when I sit at my desk for any length of time, then I get up and walk around and they loosen again, then I sit back down… Obviously the answer is one of those fancy standing desks! (I would actually love that! I’m so fidgety sitting down all day.)

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