Exercise-induced runny nose

Rather unexciting run this morning, only 2 miles to test out my twingey foot. So far it feels good. (I’m taking a vacation to someplace tropical next week and am looking forward to running there, but in order to do that I need to have no twinges!) I ran the short distance at an uncomfortable speed, for me; it was tough– and I actually took 10 minutes after to stretch out properly! Woohoo! I know it was an intense workout because my nose is running like a faucet. (That hasn’t happened for a while. Obviously I need to step up my workouts.)

It’s sort of amusing… the people I am going on vacation with like to talk a good game about their P90X workouts and say they’re going to come out running with me. I am skeptical, but maybe they’ll actually do it. It would be nice to have company running around the unfamiliar place. I’m looking forward to getting out and exploring. :)

Over the weekend I had the fun experience of getting one of my posts “reblogged” (this ain’t Tumblr folks, it is poor form to simply post my work to your blog verbatim, even if you do link back) to some weight loss blog. Congrats on missing the point! Have a cookie.

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2 Responses to Exercise-induced runny nose

  1. Tori says:

    I like cookies.

    (Did I mention it’s been a long Monday?) :P

    • G says:

      I like cookies too. :) I think cookies for everyone is a platform we can get behind.

      Hope the rest of your week is off to a nicer start today!

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