ISO Plan

Dragged myself to the gym for a run this evening. Well, it was better than Monday? 3 crappy miles rather than 2. And I was hydrated so it wasn’t Type 2 Tired. But stupid calf was being stupid (it’s unnerving to feel it doing whatever it was doing with each footfall) and I had to back off a bit. I think when I go on Friday I’ll wear my supportive brick shoes and see if that changes anything… can’t hurt to give my feet a change, I’ve been wearing these shoes nearly everyday since I left for vacation.

The post-run stretch was glorious, as it often is; I’m really noticing getting more flexible. Just for fun, I got myself into pigeon, still got that left hip down. Huzzah! (However, I felt the stretch in my skin more than I really wanted to– ow! It felt like I was making many new stretch marks in my thigh, which is a sad feeling I do not like despite working hard to come to terms with all my stretch marks.)

I’m finding myself lacking motivation. I need a Plan. Back before I hurt Damn Foot, I was doing a 5k training plan that had me running 12 or so miles a week and I found that was really good for motivating me. I’m still ramping back up from that injury (which was an overuse injury, so we will be ramping up SLOWLY) but I feel like I need a goal, or something to check in to, or something to tell me “Okay, you’re running X miles today, get to it”. Because right now I’m wandering aimlessly and it’s hard to be motivated when I’m sort of doing whatever, and I can’t meet my goal and feel good about that because I have no goal. Plus, I’m having a hard time setting distances. If I go in without a plan I’ll run 2 or 3 crappy miles and it’ll be crappy and I’ll feel half-guilty about not doing 4 or 5 like I was before Damn Foot. If I have a program to tell me “Okay Monday is 3 mi, Wednesday is 2 miles tempo, Friday is 4 miles” or somesuch I’d feel better. Maybe I just need some external validation.

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