Refuel and go

It’s Tuesday, and that means weight-lifting with J! (I’m going to have to be self-motivated for the rest of 2011: he’s out until the new year, the lucky guy…) I got to start a new sheet today, so that’s a small accomplishment. :) Other than that, nothing fancy. My legs still feel pretty good after my long run yesterday, not too tight; I wore my brick-ish shoes with all the support and that seemed to give my calves a break.

Speaking of yesterday, the whole day I was just dragging: exhausted, no energy, headache, miserable. It was awful, and I think I could’ve prevented it: I think the problem was that I did a really tough workout and then didn’t eat anything for 4 hours? It’s the whole training vs exercise-to-lose-weight mentality again. If I’m trying to deplete my body of resources and energy, of course I wouldn’t eat– but if I’m trying to get stronger and increase my ability, it’s a really good idea to refuel and let my body repair!

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