Easy peasy

2 easy peasy miles today. Okay, not quite easy peasy, I pushed the speed a tad but it wasn’t too hard– enough to get my legs warm and burn off some fidgets. Mostly I’m worried about getting myself back on a 3-run-per-week schedule at this point, so no point in making it too difficult.

I brought a post-workout snack today: a couple slices of marzipan stollen. I think this may be the best recovery snack… mostly because I really love stollen. Hopefully this keeps me from crashing and burning today (not that my workout was hard, but om nom stollen.)

My body does weird things: as I started running today, I noticed my jiggle (still got the jiggle, it’s probably not going anywhere) was sore. How even? How does it get sore? What is there to be sore there? Maybe it’s just some fluid thing; my digestive system is being slightly wonky too so maybe there’s some kind of inflammation. But it’s not that my abs were sore, or my organs– it was definitely the jiggle. Strange.

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