Sole Rotation

I don’t usually run 2 days in a row but I won’t be able to tomorrow, so here I am. (It actually wasn’t bad, yay small mileages.) 2 miles in the bag, nothing exciting. Been wearing brick shoes… it seems like this just passes the strain to a different part of my leg, brick shoes -> sore quads and kneeparts, bendy shoes -> sore calves. Maybe I can rotate my shoes for maximum effectiveness (and possibly soreness). I do feel much improved after the run though– I am not crankypants for a little bit! Yay!

I’m feeling just… off… lately. Nothing big, but I’m run down and my digestive system is bloaty and wonky and feeling sort of low-grade meh. I suspect it has something to do with the symptoms of sinus infection that I am also having; it might be that my immune system is working overtime and my lack of sleep over the past 2 weeks isn’t helping anything either.

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