Everyday resolutions

Back at work!gym this morning and treadmilling it– 3 miles today. If I can do another 3 on Saturday (outside hopefully, it should be reasonably warm for December) then that makes a good 9 total for the week and I can build from that. Damn Foot has been cooperative so far so I have high hopes. I need to recalibrate my thingumbob, I think; by the end of the cooldown the treadmill said 3.22 miles but the thingumbob had registered 3.86. It’s not a huge deal but it would be nice to have it be reasonably consistent.

On my way up to the office I stopped at the little cafe off the lobby looking for a snack to tide me over until lunch so I don’t crash. After perusing all the options (banana? muffin? hard-boiled egg?) I decided on a bottle of chocolate milk. It has lots of good things in it, and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it. I love that running gives me an excuse to drink chocolate milk. :)

It’s the time of year for people to make New Year’s resolutions. I’ve made my share too, and broken all of them (usually around mid-February!) These days, when I decide I want to make a change in my life, I make it– without waiting for a magical day on the calendar. The hard part is still keeping the ball rolling daily, and that’s the same whether I make the change January 1 or any other day.

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