Farewell 2011!

Last run of the year today!  It’s been a pretty good one, I guess.  Hopefully next week I’ll put together a 2011 wrap-up and hit the highlights. :)

Made it out to the trail for a run today (though I was sorely tempted to be lazy, I conquered my sloth).  It’s a beautiful day, one of those rare ones sprinkled through winter– 60º and sunny– so I’m glad I could take advantage of it and get outside.

The run itself was pretty mixed, though.  The second half-mile of my 3 mile loop is downhill, not too steep but apparently enough to affect me.  Around 0.75mi my left calf cramped up, hard.  I spent the next mile or so trying to walk off the cramp, stretching, pretty much trying anything.  After a while it did go away and so I picked it back up and the rest of the run was okay.  At the end there’s a really big, steep hill and as I walked up that the cramp seemed to stretch out.  So, note to self: pay more attention to your stride on hills.

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