Hello 2012! (and a 2011 recap)

Happy New Year!  Back to the weight room today; I haven’t lifted for about 2 weeks.  It wasn’t too bad– some lifts were easy, some were excruciating, pretty much the same as always. :)  In the past, I’d skipped the hamstring/quad lifts since my legs were always stiff from running, but now they’re not so it’s probably a good thing to make those big muscles in my legs stronger and I’m doing those lifts too.  My left calf has finally lengthened back out after the monster cramp on Saturday so I made sure to give that a good stretch.  (It’s amazing how nasty that cramp was!)

As promised, here’s a quickie recap of 2011!  Overall it was a pretty good year for me fitness-wise (and everything else-wise too)– I tried a lot of new things and some of them stuck.  Here are some highlights…

Thanks for putting up with me reading over the past year. :)

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