Gym bench to the knee

Today was a long session at the gym. Since I didn’t run yesterday (no work gym, plus cold and windy outside: no run for me) I hit the elliptical (ew) for 25 minutes, then lifted with J and then did some stretching. It was all fine, but once I showered and got ready to go and was leaving the locker room I clotheslined my knee on a gym bench. I’m pretty sure my kneecap wasn’t supposed to make the noise it made… For now it’s fine, but we’ll see if it gives me trouble tomorrow when I run.

You know how I’m always saying, “It’s not what I look like, it’s what I can do”? I’m having a hard time with that lately. I keep seeing pictures of women with amazing musculature and it looks so cool– then I have to remind myself that, in order to have that kind of muscle definition, they can have very little fat. I will more than likely never look like that– which is okay!– but there’s a strong temptation to chase weight loss there. It feels sneaky– I can reason my way away from desperately wanting a societally ideal body but wanting a body that simply looks strong? That’s okay… right? (Nope!)

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