A twofer

Just under the wire on today– I was heading to bed and remembered, hey I should blog my workouts.  There were two.  That was okay.

Workout #1: Lifting weights.  We had another person join us, hooray!  It’ll be a party in there before long.  Nothing special to report, but I was energetic and blew through my lifts.

Workout #2: It was beautiful out so I decided to sneak out in the afternoon and go for a run in the park.  Jeezy creezy, was it a muddy mess out there on the trail– the ground can’t decide if it wants to be frozen or not.  Anyway, 4 miles by the thingumbob (so probably a bit less.)  I consider this to be makeup work for my Monday run that got canceled due to inclement weather.

Finally, things that make my day: someone found this blog by searching for “post workout marzipan”.  I am so proud!

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