Toning rant

Oof. Lifted today. Started off with 2×10 each of pullups and dips on the assisted machine; this wasn’t too hard but it made everything else harder afterward. I very nearly up and quit a couple times, but somehow I made it through to the end of my list. And then I went and stretched my poor beat-up legs and showered and was on my way, feeling much better. I was awfully cranky this morning, but working out improved my mood for once. :) And now I’m eating a cucumber, acutely aware of the fact that it is hardly food, and pining for lunchtime.

There’s one word that gets thrown around a lot in fitness circles: toning. “Toning” drives me nuts– the concept is inaccurate and the process is terribly inefficient. If you ask someone on the street what toning is, they’d answer something along the lines of adding muscle definition while not increasing bulk. You know– the concept that doing 1000 tricep presses with a tiny weight is going to get rid of wobble arms, for example. But you can’t spot-reduce. You can build muscle, and you can reduce fat all around. So… enjoy your 1000 tricep presses, I’m going to be doing hard lifts over here and making faster progress and adding a little bulk and that works for me.

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