Feel my heart

Slight change of plans today. I went to the gym with the intention of running 2 or 3 miles of intervals depending on how I was feeling, but my legs are still ripped up from my Tues/Wed runathon… I got 0.75 mi in and my calves said NO MORE and so I got off the treadmill and onto the boring elliptical to work the big leg muscles instead. I did half an hour of hard intervals there. I like intervals on the elliptical. I can play games with my heart rate and the resistance/incline changes by itself and it keeps me from getting bored. Anyway, I hope my legs will feel better soon. I really did a number on them.

Speaking of heart rate, I don’t get the whole ‘range training’ thing. Right now, my heart rate is around 75 (I did just come from the gym, so not sure if it’s down to “resting” yet). Theoretically my max heart rate is 188 (I’m 32). Working hard on the treadmill I might get up to 170; a good ‘sprint’ with lots of resistance on the elliptical can get me to 162 or so. ~145 is a very easily maintainable level of exertion (that’s about what I aim for between intervals) and high 150s is getting tough. I have no idea what these numbers mean, really, but “fat burn” range is 112-130bpm at my age– that’s not even breaking a sweat for me! I can’t imagine it’s at all effective to work out at that level for hours like ‘experts’ recommend.*

After I was done I was showering and I heard all this screaming and yelling in the gym… since the weather was bad they had brought the kids from the daycare downstairs into the gym to run around in the big exercise room. It looked like fun! I think they need to have an adult recess class with games and things. It would definitely be more fun than “Abs Blast”…

* Yes, privilege check here: I’ve been at this a while and am used to pushing myself hard and have decent fitness. Someone new to exercising would probably not find it so easy.

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1 Response to Feel my heart

  1. Tori says:

    I think they need to have an adult recess class with games and things. It would definitely be more fun than “Abs Blast”…,

    I totally want butt scooters like we had in my PE class in first grade.

    Also pogo sticks.

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