Hot feet!

Had an epic run today: 4 miles in my new shoes. They weren’t half bad for the treadmill, actually. The only problems were that 1) They were wearing at the skin on the soles of my feet badly enough that I had to take walking breaks to let them cool down (‘ow ow hot feet’); and 2) The toe box is a little narrower, making me rather aware of the fact that I need to clip my toenails. (TMI there, I know.) So hopefully some sock/insole/skin engineering along with a bit of fiddling with the lacing and a good pedicure should take care of these issues.

I had this long run in mind to hit my mileage goal for the week but I forgot that tomorrow I’m volunteering at an event and my job there is to run items around a building. I’m probably going to be sore as heck and miserable. Ah well, this is why we have ibuprofen.

Life is busy and there are never enough hours in a day to do all the things that I want to get done. So what suffers? Sleep. I do best on at least 7 hours a night, but lately I’ve been lucky to get 5 or 6. And it’s just not sustainable– I can’t work my body hard 5 days a week and not get enough sleep. But what do I give up to get those extra 2 hours?

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2 Responses to Hot feet!

  1. Dave baker says:

    Hey there, I’m fat, and I like to run. I just bought a pair of vibrams. You wrote that you just got conventional shoes. How did the vibrams work for you ?

    • G says:

      Hi Dave! I don’t think the Vibrams I bought fit me properly, they were a little long and rubbed on my heels so I gave them away. There was definitely a learning curve– they mean it when they say “start slow” but in general I liked them (aside from having to stuff wads of paper towels into my heels.)

      I wound up buying a different kind of minimalist shoe and like them a lot.

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