Overdoing it?

J and I hit the weight room this morning. Last night I was goofing around doing situps and (trying to do) pushups and I was sore this morning, but I still did a full workout. But only barely– it was really hard! It’s the pullups/dips again; maybe I should try putting them at the end of the workout next time. I get the feeling I am going to be really sore tomorrow. Heck, I’m sore already– I was doing a variation on the situps such that my underused lower abs are pretty shredded. I think I’ll just hope that tomorrow I can move…

One of the cool things about being known as “that fitness person” among my friends is that they come to me with their trials and triumphs. My one friend has had nagging injuries, back and forth to doctors and physical therapy, but she let me know that she’s recently gotten back to the gym and even ran a bit yesterday. She’s happy about it and I’m happy for her!

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