Mixing business with pleasure

Today I had an errand to run– had to go to the post office to get stamps.  So, I literally ran it!  The post office is just under 2 miles away, so I tucked $10 into my iPod case, ran there, paused my thingumbob, waited in line, got my stamps and tucked them into the case, and ran back, for a grand total of nearly 4 miles.  I’m not sure if I’ll make a habit of it, though.  I was running along busy side roads at rush hour (the 25 mph kind) and I didn’t like the feeling of all the eyes on me (whether they were or not, I don’t know.)  Ah, the perils of Running While Fat.

Ever since my volunteer Stairmastering a couple weekends ago my knees have been weird.  They’re not getting any better.  It still doesn’t hurt per se but I am conscious of it, and they’re still making some epic noises.  I should bite the bullet and go talk to the doctor.  Ugh.

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