Runner’s knee

Hit the weight room with J today. I keep adding things to my workout: now with more 2×15 leg presses. And pushups. Well, half-pushups for now; I’m working on that one… I used a novel grip for pullups and it especially worked my forearms? Now, I’ve always had strong forearms (blame years of piano-playing conditioning for that) and that’s the first time I can remember feeling that particular burn.

So I consulted the Internets about my knee and found out that the clicking and weirdness is a common condition called runner’s knee. Who knew? I’m not such a special snowflake after all. It’s caused by the knee tracking out of alignment, which can be a result of too many miles, too much hill work, weak quads or unbalanced leg muscles, or an improper stride or shoe. Guess what? I can tweak all these things. I found some simple exercises for the quads
( and gave them a try today, along with focusing more on my quads while lifting. And still, still still still, I should go in for a gait analysis and pro shoe fitting…

It’s always so reassuring, in a way, when I find that a new ache is nothing special and solved through something simple. (Remember when I was convinced that my awful calf pain was nature’s way of telling me to stop running, then I bought new shoes and it quickly subsided?) My body is good. It works like it’s supposed to. I am grateful for its resilience.

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