Athleticism and femininity

Back at the gym this morning! My Friday workout plans were decimated by Surprise Meetings (okay, surprise-moved meetings) and Monday was a day off and I chose to be deliciously lazy. (Really, it was great.) So now it’s Tuesday and I went to the weight room with J and, well, that was fun. My weight lifting is starting to feel like, well, ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag. I keep adding and not taking away– and by the end of the workout I’m so tired. I suppose this is a good thing, but my post-lifting stretch session turned into 10 minutes of laying on the floor.

Last night I did my nails my favorite color– a girly, sheer bubblegum pink– and it was amusing to see my long-nailed, manicured hands wrapped around 20lb dumbbells doing curls. There’s a perception that only certain kinds of activity and athleticism are feminine*. Yoga? Feminine. Running? Fairly neutral (depends on how ‘hardcore’ you are). Lifting weights? Masculine. A lot of this has to do with how we perceive masculine and feminine bodies, I think. Women tend to avoid weight lifting to prevent “bulking up”– looking more masculine. Slowly this is changing, though (see the love for Michelle Obama’s arms for proof!) One of my favorite examples of athletes doing femininity are the sprinters who, at the starting line, have got their hair done and their nails painted and flashy shoes and that’s all part of their game.

* I am not advocating gender prescriptivism here. If you want to do femininity, by all means do so! If not, that’s cool too.

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2 Responses to Athleticism and femininity

  1. Asubjectivity says:

    Heyhey not to nag or anything but in the interests of your health less is more. You are better off doing a few compound lifts – as simple as bench press, squats and dead lifts to the best of your ability (heavy and with good form) than doing heaps of different stuff and just exhausting yourself. Be good to your body!

    • G says:

      I know, I know :) I’ve been meaning to give my whole routine an overhaul since my progress has slowed down, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe I should bug the staff at my gym and see what they recommend.

      I’ve just been tired lately too. Probably winter blahs…

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