Goal achieved: Gait analysis

Just finished 3 miles.  I didn’t feel like doing the loop today (hills, knees, hmm) so went out to the little trail and ran back and forth until my thingumbobber told me I was done.  I wore my ‘barefoot’ shoes sans socks today– hey, barefoot, right?– and wound up with matching blisters on both my big toes.  Oops.  Need to lace up the front of the shoe a bit tighter…

Over the weekend I (finally) got brave and went to the running store for a gait analysis!  I got all runnered up in my exercise clothes and sports bra and brought old shoes for them to look at and I was ready to go– but the woman in the shop just told me to take off my shoes, walk across the room and back twice, and declared I had a neutral gait.  That was easy?  But after all that, they didn’t have any neutral shoes in my size (apparently people with wide feet only use stability shoes, eh) so they’re sending some from other stores for me to try.  We’ll see what happens!

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