Doing less

Thursday: lifting day. J and I headed to the gym as usual, where (on the advice of the wonderful asubjectivity) I tried to do fewer things while still hitting all the relevant muscle groups. So, I did bicep curls, oblique twists, assisted pullups/dips (loving these for their difficulty and compound-ness– they get so many muscles!), those tricksy last-6-inches quad curls for my knees, back extensions, pec flys, and lat pulls (though looking at that one, it acts a lot like a pullup so I might drop it).* I did situps last night so I skipped that machine; I’m not sure if it’s better to do 50 unencumbered or 15 at 100lb resistance– I bet I’ll be sorer after the 50. I was much less tired afterward, and my stretching time was actual stretching, not laying on the mat wishing I could take a nap.

It’s a little light on the lower body; once I can grab a staff member I’ll get them to show me proper form for squats. The one on duty was busy being a personal trainer, which apparently involves a lot of yelling “Yeah! Whooo!” in the big room.

The other day, I read an article about eating while working out, which strikes me as weird (I’d probably barf, but then, I’m not running marathons). It also contained this interesting little nugget:

“Dr. Benradot’s research indicates that athletes do best when they never let themselves have more than a 400-calorie deficit during the day. That is, if you expend 1,500 calories on a two-hour run, you offset it with at least 1,100 calories in food that day.”

This is common sense. I’m still working on staying in the training mindset and staying out of the dieting mindset.

* Sorry for the laundry list! If you see any cool muscles I missed, though, let me know.

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