What’s my motivation?

Hooray, it’s Friday! I finally made it to yoga class too. The class was good, but the instructor is really focusing on strength poses. That’s fine– I sure do get sweaty doing plank and chair and locust– but it doesn’t address so much the reason why I took up yoga to begin with, which is to help me become more flexible. I should probably carve some time out of my life to work on that on my own. I’ve looked into yoga on Netflix (not much there) but I hear that there’s some variety on Youtube and I’ll have to check it out some time.

I’m debating heading back to the gym for a spin on the treadmill after work today. My knees are giving me pause, though (especially after yoga; I need to be nicer to my knees there). I’d probably be fine for today but it might not be super next week. I feel like there’s a fine line between incorporating lots of fun activity in my life, and pushing myself too far and getting hurt. What’s my motivation today? Am I chasing that 10 mile/week base goal? (That one’s dead for this week, since I didn’t run Monday). Do I need to burn off some extra energy? (If so, boring elliptical will work as well as running– but it’s boring.) Do I have some expectation of “Friday cardio” to live up to? (There was plenty of sweating in yoga class.) Do I just want to go run? (Then let’s do it, in an amount that fees good!)

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