Something extra

3 miles on the trail today.  Nothing to be proud of there; I was having a heck of a time of it between my uterus threatening revolt and my lungs still not working quite right (thanks allergies, I love waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe; it’s a good time) and I wound up walking a good third of it.  Sigh.  Sometimes I feel like I’m going backwards– then I have to stop and remind myself that I have no expectations and I’m just doing what my body can do each day.

When I got back in, I decided that some yoga would be an excellent way to make myself relax and cool down and stretch out a bit so I found a shortish full practice on youtube and tried it out.  It always feels a little decadent to do yoga right after a run.  The practice wasn’t too hard but parts of it were new and a little fast-paced for me (and I could’ve used some modifications for a couple things, but I muddled through).

I’ve been hinting at this, but I need to do some serious motivation-examining.  My weight’s been pretty stable for about 6 months but I’m still worried that it’ll creep back up again unless I keep up with all the exercise.  (Haven’t I been over this before?)  This is absolutely the worst reason for me to keep running.  If my body changes, it changes.  No amount of activity is a guarantee, so I’m better off doing what I can do joyfully and letting my body find a good place.

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