Adjusting and understanding

Still adjusting my lifting today. There’s a fine line between dropping items because they’re redundant, and dropping them because I hate them (shoulder raises, I’m looking at you). Highlight of the workout: doing 40 of those short quad lifts. Ow! On the plus side, I’m starting to understand how my knees track– and also that I’m hyperextending them when I walk, and I need to quit doing that. Stretching afterward felt fantastic; the backs of my legs are always tight (especially after the running and approximately 1000 Sun Salutations yesterday).

I’m not sure if I’m actually getting functionally stronger or what, but I’m finding that I can carry heavy things (such as boxes full of booze– the important things, right) more easily. My partner and I went to the store before a party and the people behind the counter looked slightly shocked when I picked up the box and carried it out instead of him. Whatevs. He was busy paying for it, I can carry it. ;)

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