Out with the old

I’m not feeling 100% today– could be allergies, could be a cold, either sucks– but J dragged me to the gym to lift and I finished out a lifting sheet, which is always a good feeling. I should work out my new routine before next Tuesday, remembering to put in things that are going to help my back look even more super awesome and dropping things that are redundant.

I’m starting to think that the folks at my local running store just don’t want to sell me a pair of shoes! I was in there last weekend and mentioned that they were going to call me, but at the time their internet was down so they couldn’t get to the client files and see what I wanted; they took my information and said they’d call when it came back up and tell me what the status was but that hasn’t happened. I feel like that gif of Fry from Futurama, “Shut up and take my money!” Maybe this weekend I’ll try a different store and see if I can’t buy me a pair of shoes there instead.

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