Destroying records

I’ve decided today was my last “training run” before the race– I’ll do something fun on Wednesday and the 5k is Friday. Today I hit a new milestone– 3.5mi without stopping. It was hard but I did it, so now I’m pretty confident that I’ll be okay on Friday. The main concerns I have are with my feet– I have a new blistery spot on my left little toe and it’s pretty epic, so I hope it toughens up– and I’m suspecting Damn Foot is making a comeback so I’m babying that and icing it and making sure to wear my most supportive shoes.

Every month I go through the same cycle of body dissatisfaction. My period nears, I get hungry, my body swells, the scale climbs and my clothes fit funny and I freak out. Then my period starts and within a few days everything goes back to normal. It’s predictable but I go through it every single month.

Over the weekend I played with a toy at a museum where you stand in the middle of a circle of 20 cameras and they each take a picture of you and it makes a 3D video out of the pictures. It’s really a cool idea but let me tell you, seeing your body in 360 degrees is the kind of thing that can make you a little crazy. Naturally I emailed the picture to myself.

It has not been a good week on the body image front.

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