Decoupling activity from weight loss

I still haven’t gotten a new lifting plan together (I know, I know) so I went and did the old one today. I couldn’t go to the gym last Thursday, and that long break seemed to make my lifts a lot harder. Afterwards I stretched and tried doing a bunch of sun salutations to help stretch out the back of my legs. Something’s working; I’m much better at touching my toes than I was before– if my legs weren’t warm and loose I had a hard time previously, but now I can find the floor all the time (even if I’m not even close to getting my heels down in down dog). Hooray for improved flexibility!

There’s a new person on the Member of the Month board at the gym. I don’t think I’ll ever be there, since I don’t fit their ideal of what a gym-goer should look like, but I think I’ve finally thought of what I’d say if I was on it. The best thing I did for my body was to decouple activity from weight loss. I’ve exercised for weight loss in the past and hated it. It made me hungrier when I was dieting (well no kidding!) and I always got discouraged from activity when the number on the scale didn’t change. Once I got away from the weight loss mentality I discovered that I liked strenuous exercise a lot, fueling myself properly made a big difference in what I could achieve, and that seeing my fitness improve was a great reward in itself!

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