The 5k is tomorrow! I’ll be fine; I know I’ll be fine but we’re just going to have to see how it goes.  I’m nervous!  For now, I’ve done nearly all of my prep; now I’m just making sure I’m hydrated.  Drink and pee, drink and pee, drink some more, pee some more.  Very glamorous.  Repeat tomorrow morning, but make sure to leave enough space between last drink, last bathroom break, and race, since we’re assembling to go to the race site 45 minutes before the start of the race (c’mon, it takes 15 minutes to walk there) and I have no desire to find a spot in the woods.

I didn’t run yesterday, and today I did some Youtube yoga.  My joints are stiffish; not sure why.  The yoga was good though– it always is.  The instructor does a lot of work in pigeon and that’s cool, I’m getting better with it but it’s still intense for me.  She includes a twist and a quad stretch and by the end I’m ready to give up.  “Notice how your mind wants to take you on a journey.  Stay here; stay with the pose.”  I’m trying…

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